Patty's Platform

  1. Families "I understand how tough it is to struggle in our community and in our Country. I have stood next to families for many years and fought against systemic issues that have affected them. We need better wages, we need more support for parents and children, and we need more inclusion of families into the decision-making processes that affect their lives. I will start a special crusade towards the protection of children from human trafficking and bullying, it is unacceptable and I will work to create hotlines and programs to combat this horrific plague. I will be your champion in Sacramento and continue to fight for you, just like you have seen me do it for 25 years."

  2. Education "Without education we will not succeed to leave our children a future worthy of their potential. We need to push for access to higher education for all students, for technical training that is cutting edge and in demand, and for an educational system that is more collaborative in partnership between schools and their families or students. I have been in the schools as a staff, parent and an advocate of families for over 20 years and know all the issues that we must confront. We need a fighter on the ground when bureaucrats can't agree to even disagree. When elected I will pass legislation and continue to push for these goals to become a reality."

  3. Housing "Housing is a right, not a privilege. We owe each of our community members a fair and equitable housing option. It is not morally correct that we are still plighted with the rising homelessness numbers while we continue to push for more gentrification. We need action, not promises, we need on the ground solutions, not more policies that stay on desks or at meetings. For two years I delivered over 20 housing events, and created a housing locator and case manager position in my staff to help constituents. I will push to mobilize programs and help people get off the streets and stay off the streets. I will push to make this an issue that will not go away until we have seen results."

  4. Businesses and job creation "Our local talent pool and potential is unlimited. We need to merge this talent to appropriate training and work with industry leaders to open their doors to our highly skilled constituents. I will support the small businesses, the ones that have stood as the cornerstones of our communities and without whom we would not have the rich entrepreneurial spirit that makes us great. Our local governments will continually see me at meetings advocating for more partnership between them and the small businesses."

  5. Environment "Ever since a child, I defended the environment. So it is not a surprise that I have continually voted for and have defended our beautiful hills, mountains, rivers, flora and fauna, and our ever shrinking green spaces. I delivered legislation that will forever protect the Monarch Butterfly, I supported the expansion of our local National Monuments, and delivered events in coordination with other elected officials in order to bring the environmental legislation issues to my constituents."

  6. Immigration "I love this country. This is my home and I will do anything in my power to give back 110% to it. As a first generation immigrant I want to make sure that the door is open to other people who feel just like I do and who want to create, innovate, surge ahead, invest, and establish roots amongst us. We are a nation of immigrants and we need all our communities to embrace one another and find our common ground in order to establish a future worthy of this great nation."