"A mother, grandmother, wife, an experienced award-winning Assemblymember, Patty Lopez will fight for your families, veterans, environment, and all those who have no voice in government. Join Patty's journey back to Sacramento."

A Champion for Families - A mother and grandmother, Patty López has protected families, children, and those who have no voice in government. Whether is passing legislation to extend more tax relief to families, push for childcare expansion, or working with the foster care system, she is your champion.

A Champion for the Environment - Patty López saved the Monarch Butterfly, supported the expansion of our local National Monuments, she strongly supports all horse owners who are afraid their way of life will be destroyed.

A Champion for Education - Patty López has proposed legislation to strengthen and give proper funding to the educational system, to create support Dream Centers for students, and to look at our youth as the future of California's success. She has been supporting students of all ages and their families for over 20 years.

A Champion for Veterans - Patty López has honored our local Veterans and proposed legislation to lessen the tax burden on our heroes. She has made sure that her staff has always includes several veterans representing the different armed branches of our military. To honor them is not only to give awards, but it is to listen to them, learn from them, and working together in finding solutions. This is how we move from talk to action.